Beef tenderloin carpaccio with capers, arugula and Grana Padano   245 CZK
Duck foie gras, beetroot sauce, popcorn, brioche   255 CZK
Veal tongue with verpa sauce, marinated apple   185 CZK
Fresh tuna with ginger sauce, Wakame seaweed, turnip cabbage and spicy pickles   245 CZK
Goat cheese with roasted beetroot and caramelized walnuts   145 CZK
Prawns in chilli-ginger butter sauce    295 CZK

Pasta and risotto

Linguine with beef flap strips, chilli and Grana Padano cheese   285 CZK
Sepia tagliatelle with tuna, butter sauce with capers   290 CZK
Risotto with goat Crottin cheese   190 CZK

Main Courses

Stuffed chicken Supreme, boiled potatoes and fresh creamed spinach


295 CZK

Grilled duck breast with carrot purée, green peas and Port sauce   310 CZK
Coq au vin with potato purée   360 CZK
Rabbit back, pearl barlley risotto with oyster mushroom, Albufera sauce   325 CZK
Beef flap or Filet mignon with roasted mushrooms, gratinated potatoes and Perigueux sauce   550/650 CZK
Beef burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, sun dried tomatoes sauce and caramelized onion, french fries   350 CZK
Slow roasted pork belly, root vegetables purée, Savoy cabbage and mustard demi glace   330 CZK
Vegetable curry with coconut milk, lime juice and coriander, jasmine rice   240 CZK


Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and wildberries sauce   140 CZK
Pistacio creme brulée   105 CZK
Cheese cake with white chocolate, bleueberries   125 CZK
Apple cinnamon crumble, cream dip   105 CZK
Ice cream or sorbet   55 CZK
Selection of cheeses   265CZK


Tomato soup with Grana Padano cheese and basil pesto   85 CZK
Beef rib broth, semolina dumpling and  vegetables Julienne    95 CZK


Caesar salad  with deboned chicken thigh or 5 pcs of prawns, garlic croutons and Grana Padano cheese   230 CZK/340 CZK
Lettuce with smoked salmon, poached egg and marinated radish   290 CZK
Grilled calamari with garlic and Sicilian oregano, mixed lettuce and cherry tomatoes   335 CZK
Mixed salad with beef, sun dried tomatoes and bacon, Pecorino cheese   250 CZK
Small vegetable salad   95 CZK



Tuna steak, Udon noodles, smoked tofu, Wakame seaweed and Teriyaki sauce   595 CZK
Grilled seafood with vegetable salad and garlic bread (octopus, calamari, shrimps)   780 CZK
Grilled octopus with chickpeas ragout, sun dried tomatoes, chorizo and fennel   650 CZK



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